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After several long and frustrating months away from rowing, I finally got back on my beloved river this weekend.

During my time away I’ve learned to love running (something I never thought would happen), have gained in fitness (I’ve also learned to rest) and have admired the river from the banks. But nothing – really, nothing – is quite like the thrill of gliding along next to the swans on the smooth, glassy water.

I was a bit nervous about my first time back. Would I be able to remember what to do? Would it feel exhausting, painful, uncomfortable, ridiculous?

Actually, it just felt right. More than right, it was exhilarating.

Admittedly, it was cold – one of those ice-on-the-blades mornings – but what’s a bit of ice between friends? If a lump of the cold stuff is good enough for my gin and tonic (and it is), then it’s good enough for my blades.

The next few weeks will, I hope, see a gradual return to rowing strength, thanks to my amazing physio, Richard Coates. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s back to business. Want to raise a glass to that?

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If I needed an added incentive to get myself back on the water, the thought of all the food I’m missing out on would probably do it.

Here’s what Olympic rower, Katherine Grainger, eats in a typical day. Mmmmm… just the thought of that second breakfast is making me hungry.

Instead of eating, though, I’m off to do those exercises my physio prescribed; it’s my best chance of getting back on to the lasagne and scrambled egg diet.

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