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It’s raining. Really, properly raining – none of this half-hearted sunshine-and-showers business. No, in keeping with the economic mood of the country, it’s just steady, wet stuff teeming relentlessly down – enough to have me checking periodically that the house isn’t leaking. Of course we need it – water levels are a bit alarming – but frankly I’m more interested in what it’ll be doing to the river.

Will our lovely, glassy Wye have turned into a muddy torrent by my next outing tomorrow? And, more importantly, what will be floating down in it? Usually a downpour just brings a few branches and the odd tree, but we have been known to see the occasional dead cow or sheep float past (sob). Last time I was in Bristol I even saw a guitar floating down the river: so rock’n’roll.

One last thing:  a plea to the people who make splash tops. Is there any chance that you could make them, like, actually waterproof? It would make British rowing so much nicer.

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Good news, in an otherwise gloomy worldwide picture. We may be facing a global economic crisis, but it’s not stopping people from taking up a sport that’s always had a reputation for being elitist and expensive. British Rowing announced yesterday that its membership figures rose by a heartening 2,000 in 2011. Thanks to programmes like Explore Rowing (and less formal endeavours like the Learn to Row course that we ran at Monmouth RC last year, which brought in a brand new bunch of lovely new people to the club), rowing figures are on the up.

You don't need even need to look like this

It goes to show that rowing really is for everyone. You don’t have to talk like the Queen or have the bank balance of Bill Gates to join a rowing club and it’s way better value than most gym memberships. And with the Olympics just round the corner there’s even the Row for Gold programme to get you excited.

If you still haven’t tried it, maybe it’s time for a cheeky, last-minute New Year’s Resolution. Go on, you know you want to.

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