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A typical day involves me sending out probably hundreds of emails, mostly work-related but also to friends and family. Not today, though. Today I shall be mostly using the telephone: my good, old-fashioned BT landline. Why’s that? Well, I’ll let the amazing John Bishop explain:



So there you have it. If you’ve got a BT phone, use it today. Call your friends. Call directory enquiries. Call me if you can’t think of anyone else. Buzz for Bishop, for Sport Relief. Go on, pick up the phone.


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Most of you probably have some kind of sporting challenge coming up this week. Maybe it’s a 2k or 5k erg test. It could be a gruelling session on the river, or maybe you’re racing this weekend at the Women’s Head of the River (WEHORR) or (like me) Cardiff’s Head of the Taff. Whatever it is you’re steeling yourself for, I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be as tough as the week that comedian John Bishop is enduring for Sport Relief.

As I write, he (together with Denise Lewis, Davina McCall and Freddie Flintoff) is rowing the Channel. The Channel! It’s expected to take them seven relentless hours, which puts most of our training sessions pretty firmly in the shade. Now remember, these are non-rowers whose hands don’t have the thick layer of callouses that the rest of us have. Quite apart from the pain their muscles are enduring, can you imagine the blisters? Only a rower will really understand quite how tough this challenge is.

If that weren’t enough, Bishop cycled 180 miles just yesterday from Paris to Calais, arriving in the early hours of the morning, so is doing his epic row on one hour’s sleep. And when he reaches the shores of good old Blighty, he can’t look forward to a few days of R&R: he has a further three marathons in three days to endure.

So why are they doing it? Yesterday, Bishop told Radio 1 that the answer was quite simple. The money raised for Sport Relief will – starkly put – save children’s lives. Each £50 will vaccinate 10 children against five deadly diseases. It’s that thought that is keeping him going through the pain and hardship.

So if you’re a rower – and even if you’re not – please honour his pain by making a donation to Sport Relief. Either text SPORT to 70011 or go online here. Just do it. After all, it’s a lot easier than rowing the Channel and it doesn’t give you nearly as many blisters.

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