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Since last week’s blogroll post, lots of you have been clicking away on their sites, so time to roll out another one.

First on this list is the fabulously named Rowing Is Awesome – well, how could I ignore a blog with a title like that? It’s full of rowing awesomeness, with some funny stuff, some inspiring stuff (the running clip made me go a bit teary) and some bits of general rowing interest. Go read: it’s awesome.

Now anyone who overlooks the importance of the cox is a fool, so my next blog up for  inspection is Adventure (In Coxing) Is Out There! by American cox, Alex Olijnyk. It’s always good to see life from the perspective of the 9th seat, so here it is. Coxes can be a bit scary sometimes, and I suspect Alex is no exception, but who could really be intimidated by someone who has a “puppy of the day” slot on their blog. Even if you’re not interested in coxing, check this one out if you like cute dogs.

Finally, as some of you (especially those of you who trained all summer for the Boston Marathon) sound like their week has a bit stressy, I’m going to suggest a visit to Everything Stress. Lots of great advice for anyone sitting with their shoulders hunched up at their computer (like me… hmmm…) If the tough guy rowers amongst you can refrain from laughing out loud at references to 30 minutes of exercise a day (if only), it’s full of useful thoughts and suggestions.

So there we have it. Your weekend reading lined up. Enjoy – but not so much that you never come back to GirlontheRiver.


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Over the last few weeks I’ve been adding a few blogs to my blogroll, but according to my stats not many of you have been clicking on them (go straight to the naughty step).

I think this is a shame, so I’m going to introduce you to a few of them in a bid to encourage you to check them out.

First up, since this is primarily a blog about rowing, is Inner Rowing. This one’s written by a rowing coach and it’s perfect for anyone interested in the technical side of how rowing works and what makes a good rower. There’s a lot of science and a bit of psychology and the odd bit that goes over my head. But it’s good stuff, so have a read.

Next on my list – and especially if you’re after something a bit lighter for weekend reading – is Something about rowing… ? – a title that gives no clue to the crazy world that is this blog. Yes, there’s a bit of rowing in it, but there’s also a lot of drawing, and the drawings make me laugh. A lot. By the way, don’t read it if you’re squeamish about rude words – it’s a bit sweary.

Finally, for anyone who needs a break from rowing – and God help us, we all need a break from rowing every now and then – is the endlessly fascinating world of female bodybuilding, as revealed by The Fit Writer – aka Nicola Joyce, a journalist friend of mine. Nic is, by her own admission, a bit of an extremist. In her time she’s been a cross channel swimmer and a triathlete, and when that wasn’t enough of a challenge, she decided to change her body shape and composition completely. In the space of just a few months she’s become a rising star in the world of bodybuilding (note: all natural – no steroids allowed). This blog follows her journey. She’s funny, strong as hell and has a fit dog.

That’s enough for you to be getting on with. Please comment and tell me what you think, and recommend some blogs of your own.

Have a great weekend.

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